We hope you enjoy your very-limited-edition Christmas EP! 
Recorded December 18-20th 2016 at Fiddlehead Studios on Mayne Island, BC by Adam Iredale-Gray
Featuring various configurations of your pals: 

Adam Bailey - electric and acoustic bass, vocals
Elise Boeur - fiddle, vocals
Adam Iredale-Gray - electric bass, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo
Meg Iredale-Gray - electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, vocals
Annalee Kornelsen - vocals
Jessica Rampling - electric bass, electric guitar, vocals
Juli Steemson - drums

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie
after the Jackson 5

Douglas Mountain
with a small lyrical adaptation

Song For A Winter's Night
Gordon Lightfoot
we also dig the Sarah McLachlan version

First Christmas Away From Home
Stan Rogers
from the 1979 live record

Les Outardes
Adapted from the original by
Marie Naubert and Bruno Dekinder

Next Christmas
Taylor Ashton and Michael Winograd
check it out