Fiddlehead Records is an independent music collective based in British Columbia. Formed in 2007 by Taylor Ashton and Adam Iredale-Gray to release the first album by their band, Fish & Bird, the label is now home to a small but mighty handful of releases by BC-based or BC-affiliated artists.  The music is loosely unified by a deep respect for folk music, an unrelenting appetite for innovation, and a commitment to great sounds.

FHR's headquarters are Fiddlehead Studios on Mayne Island, BC.  Located in the converted basement of the house where co-founder Adam Iredale-Gray grew up, the property also hosts the annual Campbell Bay Music Festival.  The label seeks to represent the collaborative creative spirit of our coniferous corner of the global music community -- and to show the world that the word "folk" can combine tastily with words like "indie", "rock", "jazz", and even "prog".